Christian Homosexual? Pray the Gay Away?

The controversy continues to unfold.

Historically, the options have appeared two-fold for those Christ followers that find themselves with same-sex orientation/attraction.

  1. Assume Jesus is OK with homosexuality and reconcile such a life-style.
  2. Choose to deny “temptation” and pursue a heterosexual marriage.

Oprah’s new network featured a story called Our America with Lisa Ling where they exposed such options.

Click here or view below:

Yet, a third option is emerging…celibacy and it’s proposed by people like Wesley Hill, a self-professed Christian Homosexual, in his new Zondervan book, Washed and Waiting.

I tackled these issues and many more in my sermon from Sunday titled Homosexuality: The Tone, Truth, and Takeaways.

You can listen to it here and even download the powerpoints.

A few other links related to homosexuality taken from my outline.

  • Info.— (youth) (adults),, (free on-line courses).
  • Additional Study—NARTH (Research), The New York Times, My Ex Gay Friend, (June 16, 2001), Talk on Homosexuality
  • Book- The Truth about Same Sex Marriage by Erwin Lutzer.

2 thoughts on “Christian Homosexual? Pray the Gay Away?

  1. Kary,

    Thank you for such a compassionate and truthful message. Your commitment to keep this issue consistent with all sin is a needed message in the Church today. I am encouraged to hear a pastor handle this with the grace that you demonstrated. Blessings to you and your ministry!

    Jeff Buchanan
    Executive Vice President
    Exodus International

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