Christian Homosexual? Pray the Gay Away?

The controversy continues to unfold.

Historically, the options have appeared two-fold for those Christ followers that find themselves with same-sex orientation/attraction.

  1. Assume Jesus is OK with homosexuality and reconcile such a life-style.
  2. Choose to deny “temptation” and pursue a heterosexual marriage.

Oprah’s new network featured a story called Our America with Lisa Ling where they exposed such options.

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Yet, a third option is emerging…celibacy and it’s proposed by people like Wesley Hill, a self-professed Christian Homosexual, in his new Zondervan book, Washed and Waiting.

I tackled these issues and many more in my sermon from Sunday titled Homosexuality: The Tone, Truth, and Takeaways.

You can listen to it here and even download the powerpoints.

A few other links related to homosexuality taken from my outline.

  • Info.— (youth) (adults),, (free on-line courses).
  • Additional Study—NARTH (Research), The New York Times, My Ex Gay Friend, (June 16, 2001), Talk on Homosexuality
  • Book- The Truth about Same Sex Marriage by Erwin Lutzer.


Thank you for such a compassionate and truthful message. Your commitment to keep this issue consistent with all sin is a needed message in the Church today. I am encouraged to hear a pastor handle this with the grace that you demonstrated. Blessings to you and your ministry!

Jeff Buchanan
Executive Vice President
Exodus International

Thanks for your kind words Jeff. Your ministry is helping people. Our prayers are with you and for you.