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Episode 043 – Why people who watch the weather make horrible entrepreneurs

They’re called “weather watchers.” They take inventory of conditions and predictions and then make their decisions based upon the forecast. But in the business world, this type of strategy often sabotages success. In this episode discover why “weather watching” tendencies (surveys, reports, data, comparisons, information) repel the best clients and set you up to fail.…

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Episode 019 – IGNITE! 10x your business and life

On January 1, 2015 most people will wake up, stumble out of bed and say, “DANG. Today is the day I’m supposed to make my New Year’s resolutions. Today is the day I’m supposed to change my life.“ Sorry to douse the flame and the poor grammar, BUT…it ain’t gonna happen! Join me for a…

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Episode 013 – How to become a guru and share your solution

You could be a guru and not even know it. Do you have knowledge or expertise on a particular subject? Has anyone asked for your advice on how to do something? Step into your guru status, create your GPS (Guru Positioning Story) and are transition from Day Job to Dream Job.

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Episode 007 – Dream Job Bootcamp | Special Edition

If you want to go from Day Job to Dream Job you need to have a GPS. Your GURU POSITIONING STORY (GPS) will help you connect your product and services to your client’s needs. Discover 3 examples of effective GPS and how to create your own.

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Episode 003 – Why Shawshank Redemption reveals how to escape

Andy Dufresne went from PRISON to PLAN to PAYOFF. Smart DJs (Dream Jobbers) apply team, tools, and time to escape their day job and turn their passion into a full-time gig.

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Episode 001 – 6 Warning signs your day job is killing you

\ Karoshi is a Japanese work for death caused by your day job. 86% of people feel stuck in their day jobs. The cost isn’t always physical death. Discover how to create a new life by creating your dream job

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